Sutter Creek Cheese Shoppe

Our Cheeses

Sutter Creek Cheese Shoppe offers a quality selection of cheese and other specialty products from our retail store in downtown Sutter Creek, California.

We provide a wide array of select imported and domestic cheeses along with an assortment of “friends of cheese”. 

“Try It Before You Buy It!”

Nearly all of the cheeses and many other items are available for tasting. For the best flavor, texture, and aroma serve cheese at room temperature. Cheeses that we frequently stock in the store include:

By Frédérique Voisin-Demery from Grenoble, France – Brillat-Savarin, CC BY 2.0

Brillat Savarin

pasteurized  – cow – France

Soft ripened triple cream cows milk cheese that is luscious, creamy and faintly sour.

Honey Bee Goat Gouda

pasteurized  – goat – Holland 

Made with a drizzle of honey added to pure goat milk for a cashew-like nutty sweetness.

Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta

pasteurized  – sheep/goat – Australia

Marinated in extra-virgin olive oil with garlic, herbs, and black peppercorns.

Capra Stanislaus

pasteurized – goat – California 

Firm and slightly salty, this cheese has notes of goats milk caramel, with a toasted nutty finish.

Black Diamond Cheddar

raw – cow – Canada

Intensely sharp  – a fully matured cheddar flavor with a dry but rich, brittle texture.


raw – cow – Switzerland

Sweet but slightly salty, with a creamy nutty flavor.

Moliterno al Tartufo

pasteurized  – cow – Italy

Unforgettable dense and fudgy pecorino laced with thick veins of black truffle.

Saint Agur

pasteurized – cow – France

Irresistibly buttery double-cream cheeses laced with spicy blue veins.

Smokehouse Jack

pasteurized – cow – California

 Hand-crafted in micro-batches – slightly smokey with a creamy smooth texture.

4 Alarm Cheddar

pasteurized  – cow – Iowa

A blend of chipotle peppers, chili peppers, jalapeno peppers and ghost pepper. Lots of flavor with a sneaky burn.